Experimental JetSet

After seeing Helvetica over Xmas, I have been looking at experimental jetsets work alot. I found their opinions on the typeface very interesting and almost brave due to the slating that many of the 'pro's' delivered during their interviews on the font. They stated thatby using Helvetica for alot of their work they are not spending ages looking for a typeface

Experimental Jetsets work uses bold type, in well designed grid systems to create 'easy to use' designs which speak in a very neutral manner due to their 'over-use' of the font. An over use which I find inspiring and interesting (who knows maybe I like the font too much...). In short I think they are one of the better collectives which I know about it, a great group of creatives!!

(Extremely popular T shirt by the JetSet, which incidently has been worn by a number of high profile celebrities and has also been heavily ripped off, using the same idea for different bands or groups).

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