Catch Up Post // SBC 2 #1

Well if anyone follows this regularly (which I have serious doubts about) then you may have noticed that it hasnt been updated, changed or anything for the last two weeks. Yet seeing as I suspect the readers of this blog are few and far between if not non-existent altogether, I guess it goesnt really matter... Instead of trying to break the last two weeks of development and reflection up into individual sections I have written up this rough account of the missed time since the 9th of January (My last post).

Screen Based Communication Tutorial (Before Xmas)
For the first review of the work we had done, I was able to present a working test version of my idea (a website with a handheld, physical, sifting through a work portfolio element) within Flash with test graphics. The various pages are all contained within a Flash movie, presented as a set of files within a folder. The user of the site would be able to pick up the various elements move them, put them down and pick up the next piece of work. This was a very basic first representation of my idea and concept. I have included a screenshot below.

The inspiration for this site comes largely from my own ideas, however after gettig a rough idea, a friend was able to point me to a similar website idea. This site acted as my first real source of inspiration once I had shaped my idea. Studio Vruchtvlees

Drag and Drop Code
My test design uses various action script code to allow a user to drag and drop the various articles. When each image is clicked it rotates and increases insize, when it is dropped these elements return to their original position and scale. The code for each folder item instance is as follows:

drag1.onPress = function() {
drag1._xscale = 170;
drag1._yscale = 170;
drag1._rotation = 0;
drag1.onRelease = function() {
drag1._rotation = -26;
drag1._xscale = 100;

To clean this area (reset the position of the folder elements) I will next work on developing a reset button. Also I will test the use of imagery in flash as I have never created a Flash website before.

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