Catch Up Post // SBC 2 #3

Catell Ronca - Illustration//Freelance lecture (5th January)
Today we were given a lecture by freelance illustrator Catell Ronca, and to be honest when first informed of the lecture I was not particularly interested as I am not an illustrator. However, Catell was interesting and very helpful in giving us pointers on the world of freelance (illustrator and designer). She was also able to answer any questions we may have had about the world of freelance. I found the information she was able to give us on commissions, contracts and getting paid; very useful information for one who is considering going into freelancing (design).

After the lecture on freelancing, Catell showed us her current portfolio which features illustrations in a style she describes as "I would say that it is very colourful, a bit naïve and sometimes quite detailed. As it is all about colour my favourite subjects are people of different races who I see on a daily basis in London."Catell Ronca

Back to SBC2//Change of Plan
After considering my web idea further, I have decided that although the test with reset button works and was my original idea and concept, the fact that one has to click and hold to view the portfolio instance as well as the obvious need for a reset button have confirmed my suspiscions that there are far better ways of navigating a site other than this. I have decided to make a compromise and use some sort of relatvily generic menu system to allow my user to move familiarly around the webpage while still including some of my original concept and idea of a physical/digital online experience. After creating a rough layout, the main part of my site which I felt needed developing was an overall identity and style as well as a look and design for my gallery pages.

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