Professional Project // FMP

We were briefed on our FMP on thursday 29th (a day which I was absent). From what I have gathered from my classmates, I missed quite a useful session, in which we considered our projects from a number of angles, I have chased up the hand outs for this session. The professional project unit consists of a self initiated brief, which will span across 12 weeks (concluding the second and final year of Visual Communication). The unit is worth 45 credits and currently, is extremely daunting.

The work load is really piling up, FMP, live and competition briefs as well as the looming submission of this blog, portfolio and updated professional standard CV, lots to do. The deadline for the professional project learning agreement is the 20th of February, the overall deadline for the project is 2:30 on May 8th. I will write more once I have considered what I want to investigate or achieve from the FMP // Professional Practise Unit

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