Live Briefs // Competition Briefs

I have not documented my progress on these two areas mainly due to the fact that very little progress has been made (if any at all). Since i last mentioned the D&AD briefs, I have changed project and joined a group made up of myself, Robert Houliston, Ben Strowman, and Alistair Blake. We are working to complete the D&AD Pj Smoothies advertising brief. Currently we are throwing around various ideas and have made some progress into considering visualisations.

The live brief although not running for nearly as long as the competition briefs is going well. Ben Strowman and myself have decided to work together to produce an identity and various other pieces of branding for the Dorset, Poole and Bournemouth Multi Area Agreement. We have made various logos and have begun working on website templates to present on the deadline of February 18th (hence the reason why the D&AD brief has been put off for the time being). The brief also requires us to think of a slogan and create other pieces of documentation such as business cards, letterheads and a newsletter (printed and digital).

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