Professional Project Initial Ideas// 5 + 6th Feb

After considering the project over the last week between trying to work through a brief for the MAA with Ben Strowman, I have come up with various initial ideas for the subject of my final major project//professional practice unit.

My first idea was to develop and brand a t-shirt company, including designs and branding materials however after a lengthy discussion with Kit Johnson about whether it would be a suitable subject, I eventually concluded that this is something which I could work on as a personal project later on, where as for the professional project something with a bit more scope and exploration is more suited to the amount of research and preliminary work needed for a suitable subject for the professional project.

I have since had various other ideas including a type event (redesign Helvetica 50 event but for Helvetica 100?), a film poster redesign, or the branding and identity of an event or festival.

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