End of Course/Next Year?

After the portfolio session this week paired with the fact I have decided to leave The Arts Institute Bournemouth at the end of this year, I have begun considering my options as to what to do after the summershow.

Ideally getting some contacts at the exhibitions at the end of the year would be a great way of enquiring about internships, odd jobs or other relevant fields of work.
I would like to get a placement of sorts but am unsure of whether my work is strong enough. Getting some work at somewhere like a printers would be worthwhile as well to help me understand the processes and techniques in large scale printing houses.
Alteratively I could attempt to freelance, getting odd jobs and working on my own development and improvement in design, developing previous work and improving my portfolio.

My other option is return to the Colchester Institute where I studied on a National Diploma before the current FDA, to continue studying Graphic Design on the BA course run by David Jury. Currently I really do not know what I plan to do when I finish the course however I look forward to continuing on to something new.

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