Screen Based Comms - Feedback

As well as having to hand in our proposed study in the form of our learning agreement we also received our feedback and grading sheets from the screen based communication 2 unit. I had worked extremely hard on this unit and learnt a great deal about web development software (Flash, Dreamweaver) and designing for the web in general (do's and don'ts, the importance of browser and resolution consideration, etc).

I received the grade of 66 (a high 2:1) which I am extremely pleased with. A first would have been better but I am still extremely pleased with the grade, and the feedback I received.

When looking at my website, there is a large flaw which makes me feel I was lucky to receive the mark I did. This flaw is the design of the site, it is boring, I don't mean the way it works and presents itself, more the dull colour scheme of black and white... It is just far too plain. I plan to update this alongside my PPRD.

Technically I think the site is sound and I was extremely pleased with the amount I learn't on the brief, especially the amount of detailed actionscript I work on heavily, even having to make a complete change of much of the workings. Annoying but helped me learn even more.

So... Overall pleased but wish I had jus used a stronger set of design elements, colours, typography etc.

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