London Trip//Inspiration 16th Feb

Today I attended the rescheduled London Trip which was put in place to allow us to gather information for research and to be inspired. We arrived at the Tate Britain which was interesting but was not particularly relevant to my chosen proposed area of study for my Professional Project.

I spent the majority of the day with James Mcmorrow, Meghan Corkrill and Laura Foster. I found the day really productive and useful as we walked alot which allowed me to view and photograph various event advertising and publicity posters, and other advertising spaces.

We also walked to the BFI (British Film Institute) at Southbank which I found extremely useful as there is a never ending array of film festivals which take place at the location which is made up of a gallery, a small exhibition space upstairs (where I saw various pieces of film development (scripts, posters and some amazing examples of storyboards) for Kubrick's Barry Lyndon) and three screens.

I was able to look at a variety of posters, publicity materials and even managed to obtain various monthly programs for the BFI's exhibitions. Also it happens that the National Theatre is next to the BFI so I was able to obtain other examples of similar publicity examples.

I had actually forgotton how good London is for inspiration and a taste of culture. I am seriously considering moving to a city after completing the course as some of the larger places such as London, Leeds etc seem to literally hum with creativity. All in all a very useful (but long) day. I have included select photographs of the various advertising spaces and existing film exhibition publicity below.

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Chris, the name is Megan Corkhill. No 'h' in the first name and a 'h' instead of the 'r' in the last please! :) thank you! lol.