Catch Up Post // SBC 2 #7

Final Week//Hand In//Evaluation (23rd January)
Been very busy up til today, working hard to complete the final stages of my website. I have managed to fix the animation conflict and my site has changed considerably since I last posted. The positioning and layout has altered to allow for better use of space with my new accordion style menu, which opens each main folder to show the sub categories of each portfolio section. I have used externally loading content to ensure quick loading times (no need for a preloader (although they seem quite fashionable as well as functional)).

I spent the final evening before the hand in topping up and finishing various peices of research and finalising the site (keywords, description, splash page etc). I was extremely pleased with the site I managed to produce (this seems a good point to say that I posted on actionscript forums heavily to get the site up and running). I feel the site is functionable, user friendly and relatively interesting to navigate through. What works so well about the use of externally loading content is that nothing is loaded unless it is selected to be viewed meaning that it selectively loads only the needed content.

The look of my site, particularly identity is an area in which I plan to work on further to develop a more coherent and concise style. That said I think the work displays well on the page and the images are big enough to provide a detailed enough view of the focal point of the website. One major annoyance to me was that I completed my splash page in somewhat of a rush, only to produce what is in my opinion, the best piece of typography (in terms of identity) within the entire site. I plan to use the altered logo design from the splassh page onto the resh of my identity as opposed to sticking with the CWGD type logo which I had been using prior to this point.

I feel my technical understanding in terms of web design, especially when using Flash has increased so much further than i expected to be able to obtain in the relatively short amount of time given to us for this brief. I am seriously considering the possibilities of getting a placement at a design/web studio in future if possible. Overall i am very pleased with this assignment but more my achievement of managing to understand a program so much better than I already did.


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