Catch Up Post // SBC 2 #6

Final Critique
The final critique today was quite a low key affair with small groups walking around crituqing the various websites. My website had not changed a great deal since the interim critique as I had spent the time detailing the various animations. The feedback I recieved was all useful and constructive criticisms on the aesthetic elements of my site, however I am particularly concerned with the animation and scripting side of things currently due to the fact that a website can look amazing but if it doesnt work then it is unsuccessful. I plan to push my efforts to both the aesthetic and the technical elements of my site for the final hand in on the 29th.

More Changes//Confliction in Code
I have run into some problems with the overall runnings in my website as the site is creating animation from the timeline in flash as well as within script on various movie clip instances, and as such is stopping the transistions working (As highlighted in the final critique). I have decided to backtrack in order to fix the problem by recreating the actionscript tweening upon the timeline as a standard motion tween with controlling actions. I have used transistions which work by using movie clips as forward and bacdward controls with applied actions. I also plan to include a smoother running menu than I have previously included within my examples.

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