Idea Generation and Interim Critique

I have been working hard on my Animal watch packaging brief over the week and have developed various prototypes of the packaging I hope to have completed by the end of the brief. I built the prototypes this early on to allow me understand how my package ideas could be developed, as well as the materials used.

The prototypes are all similar in design but have different tabs or closure methods (or just more lids or flaps for information). I have also decided on dimensions for the package (after finding a print cartridge box in the bin...) which consist of 11 cm wide, 19 cm long and 1.5 cm deep. A nice size package which is easily held in ones hand, these dimensions allow for the watch to sit snug in die cut or walled out area of the package without the use of fixings or additional pieces of the packaging.

The interim critique today went quite well with my ideas being given good feedback I just need to develop and push my ideas further, considering the materials I use and the design I choose to place on the design. I am also not satisfied with the closing of my packaging. It is a shame we can’t have the box professionally/industrially made to ensure it is as we intend instead of separate prototypes and graphics or amateurly made prototypes, especially when we intend to use material which we are unable to feed through the printers we have at our disposal.

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