Animal Watch Packaging Brief...

Over the weekend I have considered the ideas (or lack of ideas) which my group and I came up with last Thursday. I have decided to dive straight in with considering the actually packaging with little thought as of yet to the design which will feature on the box. I have decided from our group work that I may go down the route of the development of sustainable packaging made of recycled substrate, made, constructed and produced with sustainable processes and materials. How I will go about doing this is yet to be seen, but currently I am thinking the development of packaging which doesn’t use any glue and is all made from one net with no extra pieces.

I also manage to get to the Animal shop in Poole over the weekend and was able to take a few photographs of the shop, the clothing styles and of course the existing watch packages. I thought they were nice pieces of packaging but didnt suit the brand as they looked far too clinical in my opinion.

I have done some packaging development on my previous course and I really enjoyed it, so here’s hoping I enjoy this packaging assignment as well.

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