Inspiriration, Change of Direction, Settling with an Idea!

I have been looking through various packaging specific books and websites over the last few days and have gained a large amount of inspiration from looking at existing examples of packaging. It is interesting that until looking through these documents, packaging to me meant box, and more specifically a normal cube or rectangular package... Innovative huh?... Please...

After realising that I don’t want to design yet another square box (its been done), I have scrapped my original idea of the cube with a lid and watch retainer all from the same net, but have decided to keep developing ideas along a sustainable route of design and manufacture.

One element of sustainable design which should not be overlooked is not only the type of material used but also the amount of material required to safely display, transport and house the product at hand. If this can be kept at a low then the more sustainable and protective of the environment the package will be.

I have posted an image of the kind of things I have decided to aim for, althougth this particular piece of packaging houses shower gel (which is packaged very innovatively it's self).

I plan to develop a piece of packaging not dissimilar in size and shape to a video cassette box or DVD packaging, however that is as far as I have considered this idea. The packaging will still be made from a single net and will use no glue no construct or fix the design, thus being even more sustainable due to the lack of process.

As far as design which will be present on the package I have not much considered this aspect yet but I think that the use of company logos should suffice in terms of a realistic design which could potentially be used to house the product, in this case, an Animal watch.

I will post again when the idea has moved along somewhat...

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