Visual Communication in Conext 2: Part 3 - Group Ideas Generation

Today we were split into groups to complete Part 3 of the brief. We were split into groups and were required to research and generate ideas for the development of new packaging for Animal Clothing’s watches throughout the day (which would be presented at the end of the day), after which we would move on to Part 4 of the Visual Communication in Context 2 where we would be required to develop ideas individually from our group’s ideas to a finished, professional standard.

I think we worked relatively well as a group. We concentrated mainly on Animal as a company and their existing target audience, lifestyle, history and their current range of products. We also looked into the company’s design style and its main competitors (which we decided were companies like Quicksilver, O’Neil, and Rip Curl).

We all assigned ourselves different research points to fairly share out the work throughout the day and by the end of the day had a presentation of 7 or 8 slides. I think we worked relatively well as a group although I felt if we had been more focused we would have got a far more coherent and useful set of research for us to each individually work on for the fourth part of the assignment. I also felt that we concentrated too much on research existing ideas, styles and information instead of working more to develop some very rough ideas and concepts for our individual ideas.

That said our presentation went quite well and we were able to explain where we had got to clearly using the slides we had made throughout the day. I feel that due to completing this group work session I have a route to work down for my design (all be it a rather shaky start).

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