Crits, Cards, Punks and Other Stuff

Well, today was a really useful day for myself (and my classmates I imagine), as we recieved plenty of feedback and other information about various goings ons.

To start with I was chosen as one of the first group to discuss our previous submissions of the A3 Look Again/Think Again posters we had finalised for the previous Thursday. This critique was led by Sally who was unaware of who had done what work or the implications and messages behind each poster. I felt my poster came across well and was easily understood. I thought running the critique this way was a good but felt it could have been improved if a member of the general public had been brought in (as opposed to another member of staff as they would already have design experience) to see if they understood each poster and to see how stronger message each poster portrayed as this w0ould give us an idea of how each of our ideas would have been percieved by members of the general public. Although this might not be the easiest sort of critique to organise it may be worth considering for future discussions as the most valuable opinion can often be of the public especially when they are the target audience. Overall I am pleased with my idea and will continue to develop the ideas presented t0 me in this and the first critique to improve my work however, the differences in opinions between the critiques make me unsure of how much needs to be changed?

Next, in small groups we were to discuss our ideas of concept, target audience and rough visual style and route which we plan to go down for our newest course brief (The greetings cards) with Neil and Clare. This was extremely valuable to everyone as it allowed the class to voice their opinions on peoples work and give each other new ideas or variations on existing ideas. I also found having Neil and Clares opinions, ideas and advice extremely useful as when I mentioned my idea we were able to have a lengthy discussion just about various routes I could go down which in turn has changed me from worrying about this project to being quite excited as to what I could end up with by the final critique date.

Overall I came out of the ideas discussion stumbling blindly down a path which I had not even realised existed. Ya see, when explaining my ideas and presenting my mood board/collage of punk flyers to the class, it was brought to my attention that I had already started a perfectly good experimentation into the art and ideas surrounding the subject by creating the collage. I think I will maybe go down this route, of collaging imagery into a huge mass of interesting and eye catching subject matter, specifically aimed towards a genre of music and its ideas. The great thing about deciding to continue down this route is that I have my idea now, and feel that although the set of six must be clearly indicative of one target audience, that does not mean it cant appeal to a larger target audience, through an interesting and innovative design... Time to continue with my consideration of visualisations. Possibly collage!!

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