Working on cards

After working on my cards since the ideas discussions last Thursday and Friday I have been concentrating on collecting together objects which are unmistakeably classic UK Punk. After considering objects and where I would be able to obtain enough material to create a strong collage, Neil introduced me to a website created by his current tutor, Russell Bestley (who has a PhD in Punk). The website is a study and interactive matrix of British punk album covers from the classic era of the emergence of the genre in this country (through the years of 1976 - 1984). The sites interactivity comes from the various filters (years, styles and locations) which can be applied to the matrix to provide similar sets of releases.


The site is a huge database of the releases throughout these classic and predominant years of the punk movement and to be honest even if you hate punk music it’s worth a look! And alternatively if you do like punk music and the surrounding movement its even better because each of the album covers feature a short sound bite of the specific release!! This site makes me wish I had been around to see this heavily influential time in music, youth culture and society stuck in a rut. I have decided that I will create my collage from the hundreds of punk releases featured on this site. Once I have created a decent collage which will allow me to obtain six card designs from I will post my designs.

Note: My previous collage of the punk flyers I put together were all traditional punk produced. What I mean from this is that the designs have been photocopied onto plain paper (colour or white). This is a cheap and concise way of reproducing a design and is extremely indicative of punk style. I have produced a mock up card from my original collage which is posted below!

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