Finally some passion < - - - -

After researching into the subject of Dementia and the most common form, Alzheimer’s disease, I have been extremely pleased. Not necessarily because I have done a truck load of work (I wish...) but more because I have found myself becoming extremely interested and passionate in a subject which I am researching and am therefore determined to create a strong visualisation for the critique session on Thursday. If it crashes and burns then I will continue to develop it until it is of a strong standard.

The more and more I looked into the subject matter, I found myself getting somewhat angry at myself for not really knowing what Alzheimer’s disease was, even though it is an extremely serious problem. (In fact if someone had asked me what it was, I probably would have told them that it’s that disease/disorder where you can’t sleep, so zero points for prior knowledge Chris...). So with that said, even if my visualisation is an absolute failure, at least by working on the brief I have managed to raise awareness of the issue to myself.

Currently I am considering a strong yet simple way of raising awareness of the chosen issue by presenting the message that everyday tasks, skills and memories become lost by sufferers of the disease...

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