Collages Completed! Phew!!

After a huge amount of trawling through the mass of single and album releases featured on the Punk Sleeves website I was able to obtain a selection of the well known or better designed covers from the more influential punk years. This was followed by a huge amount of cutting, positioning and sticking (some un-sticking and repositioning in there too).

I am extremely pleased with how my collages have worked out and am also feeling good with the progress I am making on this brief as I have learnt a huge amount about Punk music and the culture that surrounds it as well as a huge amount of inspiration in terms of the design styles and techniques used to produce the huge variety of punk releases from ‘76 - ’84. These design methods include photocopies, to hand illustrated (by designers and band members), to professionally designed, type set pieces (by the likes of (Barney Bubble (Ian Drury and the Blockheads), Jamie Reid (Sex Pistols), Ray Lowry (The Clash) and Malcolm Garrett (The Buzzcocks)).

I Have separated up the album art on my collage into three groups ‘76 - ‘78, ‘79 - ‘81, ‘82 - ’84 to break up the different styles (and bands prominent at each time).I hope these collages will work to create imagery which is indicative and appeals to my chosen target audience, Punks and other enthusiastic. I have created three collages, each of about A2 in size with an estimated 300 + record sleeves present in total, I have included a scan below of the completed collages.

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