Here We Go Again / First Brief (Task One - Look Again/Think Again)

Our first official studio day was relatively nerve wracking for me as I knew we would be receiving a new brief. I was not wrong. The first brief for this year is Visual Communication In Context 2. The brief is made up of four parts with the first task - Look Again/Think Again. The final outcome is an A3 poster which makes the audience Look Again or Think Again with the group critique of our final outcomes happening within a week’s time.

If the truth be known I was wishing for a week long brief as it is a relatively short amount of time to produce a piece of work based on a concise idea or concept while working within the context of the task – Look Again/Think Again, and of course with only a week, I should be jolted into action. Sadly after brainstorming the examples given to us for ideas (An over looked social issue or a more personal object which is emotive) I am no further forward. I am also perplexed at how when asked if I understand, I nod and agree and then directly after I look again at the brief and realise I do not really understand... ARGGHH!!

My initial thoughts are that it would be easier to complete a brief based around a social issue as opposed to a personal object but that the latter could quite possibly produce a more interesting design solution, but who knows. I hope to have feasible ideas for both by this coming weekend allowing me to have a choice as to what my concept will be based around. Will continue to brainstorm ideas and discuss with classmates and lecturers to build an idea. Also I plan to take a broad look at advertising design to gain a better understanding of tactics used to produce memorable and thought provoking design. Perhaps I should be careful what I wish for...

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