Future Shorts Bournemouth

I attended a small film event tonight at Bournemouth Pier, Future Shorts. I had heard good things from housemates and peers about previous Future Shorts events and decided to go along seeing as I enjoy film generally but also to maybe salvage some inspiration from the beginning wreck of my final major project.

The night was hosted or presented first by one Roger Pratt which was an interesting experience because over the loud speaker they introduced him and I thought 'Who?'. However once he began talking about various projects he had been involved in as DOP (Director of Photography) which I was aware of including Batman, Harry Potter (nothing to be proud of :P), 12 Monkeys, Brazil, and Troy I became very interested in what he had t say. He also had a wealth of film set stories which were very entertaining.

Anyways, the screenings kicked off with Roger Pratt's showreel, an eerie series of overlaid and manipulated scenes and shots, with a truly harrowing soundtrack made up of a hugely transformed series of dialogues and sounds. The films which were presented ranged from arty, to crappy, to really good.

I particularly enjoyed the first two films, the first about two icelandic wrestlers who fall in love and the second about a women who meets arandom man in paris ends up spending the night with him, and falling in love, only to go out ot get them breakfast and to forget where her new love lives, so stuck with the mans dog who she took with her for the morning stroll to the Bakery she attempts to find her way back, which unfortuantely for her, and the dog, she never does.

There was also some student films and local films played which were very interesting particularly a film noir comedy which played off all the stereotypes and speech of the genre eg. She always wanted more dough (money), however on screen the femme fatale steals a jar of cookies from the main character at gun point. HA!

All in all a good evening but I cant help wondering what the other Future Shorts events must be like as I overheard so many people saying that "It wasnt as good as the last one". I plan to attend again if another one happens.

On the design side of things, this event could be so much bigger and better with abit of a design/identity. Currently they have a logo which is ok but their brochure design and overall identity could do with a rehaul. It would be a nice live brief actually. Anyways another event to mention in the FMP.

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