Work Related Learning Week 2

I attended my first (I missed the first session due to a timetable mix up) work related learning session today with Kit Johnson, Neil Leonard and the peers which have opted to take the work route as opposed to the bridging studies to continue onto the a third year in either illustration or graphic design.

As the group is so small the session was relatively quick and basically covered the requirements of the brief as well as some of the ways we can help build our research file for the brief. The final submission for the work related learning unit is a 2000 word report based around professional practice and the workings and running of design practitioners and studios which we will base around our findings from visits to studios and designers, and all the collected information put into our research files.

I plan to visit a variety of different studios local to Dorset and further afield including studios in London as I am in close proximity to the capital when at home. I also intend to attempt to get in contact with overseas practitioners and studios based on the continent to enquire about their business practice. Some of this may be completed in collaboration with my fellow peers if similar interests or career directions occur.

Overall this unit looks as though it could be of real benefit to me in terms of solidifying what I want to do after I finish the course, as well as gaining a better understanding of the professional design world.

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