The Rest of the Year / Continuation of Blog

Well, just got the rest of the year now, 10 weeks or something ridiculous, in no time at all it will all be over! I plan to devote as much time as humanly possible to the professional project and work related learning units. I am particularly looking forward to the work related learning unit as it will allow communication with well known designers and industry involved professionals. Within this we plan to organize visits and attempt to get guest speakers in to discuss the working world/industry with us before bombarding them with an array of prepared questions.

As for the professional project, fingers crossed!

As I plan to focus on these two projects I imagine the blog cud take a dent in the amount of posts, however I will endeavor to keep track as before as I found keeping an online recording/diary of my working year has been of much benefit to me due to being able to recap on projects, consider the various things I have written whether it be feedback, research, inspiration or other, and develop on these things.javascript:void(0)

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