Working Related Learning Session (That I Missed!) / Upcoming Dates

This Monday, the Work Related Learning group scheduled to meet on Tuesday (Today) and discuss our plans for the unit. Somewhat annoyingly after ensuring I would be there I somehow managed to forget and miss the session, fortunately Jamie and Martin seem the forgiving type and managed to get some work done without myself, and Jenny.

They managed to contact one Edam Frankham, a dorset based designer/illustrator, who started a print company with his father. They were even good enough to put myself and Jenny's names at the bottom of the email even though we weren't present so thanks are in order for Martin and Jamie. Below is the email Jamie forwarded me.

Dear Eden,

As students of The Arts Institute at Bournemouth we were wondering if it was possible for a small group (4 students) to arrange a meeting in order to discuss the in and outs of starting your own business. We are in our second year of the Visual Communication course and as part of our Work Related Learning unit we are required to take a look at the industry with regards to future employment.

You were recommended to us by Kit Johnson, a Senior Associate Lecturer on the Visual Commincation course. If you are able to help us please could you get back to us with a date and time that is convenient to you.

Kind regards.
Jamie, Martin, Chris and Jenny

And the response recieved.


Yeah sure that sounds all fine, happy to try and help. Best day for me this week would be Thursday, or if it's easy for you I can do Monday / Tuesday next week. Any of those days I'm free all day. If you want, we can tie it in with the days your at college. If you want to discuss a time you can get back to me with this e-mail or phone me at 01202 729 100.


The plan seems to be meeting with Eden on Monday. Extremely pleased with that result, even though I can't take any credit for the organisation of the meeting.
A good start to the Work Related Learning unit with various other dates also on the calendar including Claire Blackmore on the 23rd March and somewhat annoyingly Hamish from Octavo on the 10th March (annoying because I'm going to London that day).

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