The Week Ahead

This week is going to be a very hectic one due to my own poor time planning and organization. I have yet to make a proper start on my FMP after having to work on my PPRD, but thats not really an excuse so I have devised a workplan which If I dont stick to its really game over due to the lack of time left.

Monday - Print all PPRD documents, blog address etc...
- Head to the library and jus research and get going on the fmp.
- Work related learning - produce a workplan.
- Try and get tutorial with Kit (which was ment to happen on friday but ran out of time)

Tuesday - Decide whether to go to london or stay in bomo and attend hamish muir and eden frankham lectures (probably the better idea).
- Finalise decision on idea for FMP. Begin developing an identity.
- Write up Londn Trip/Lectures for work related learning and research

Wednesday - FMP all the WAY!

Thursday - Go in for studio sessions, head to the library get on with work
- Attend rescheduled Lyme Regis Film Festival meeting.

Friday - Studio sessions/library
- work related learning and fmp!

Weekend - WORK RELAX WORK RELAX reapeat as necessary!
On with the show!!

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