D&AD Pj's Smoothies

This has been an ongoing struggle as the four of us (Myself, Rob, Alistair and Ben) have had to find dates where we can all meet up an work on it, unfortunately our group really has not worked particularly well since beginning the brief as we have started ideas, thought of news ones and never really stuck with a single idea and finalized a set of visualizations so we have decided to lay it to rest due to the huge amount of other deadlines and project work which we are required to be getting on with (namely the extremely daunting FMP and the PPRD hand in next Monday).

Its a shame as although we had a huge amount of group discussions and work sessions on the PJ smoothies brief we never really got anywhere of note. Our idea was always aimed at the correct target audience of youth (students/young professionals), with focus on the competitor innocent, the sexual innuendos of innocent and how Pj's could play off that, which then changed to an idea in which PJ's became the answer to a number of questions, including, how do you relax?, how do you cure your hang over?, how do you socialize, how do you etc, etc...

The idea using sexual innuendos hit a snag when we discovered someone had already used this idea on the same brief, in a visually much stronger way than we had and decided to leave the idea. In hindsight I feel we should have continued with this idea as after we changed it we were always going back to it and swapping between ideas.

The second idea also changed heavily during the working process, from the use of human models combined with the PJ's pack shot positioned noticeably within the ad to create the rhetorical style question we were asking the audience and potential buyers of the product, to the same idea but replacing the human models with the PJ's smoothies bottle, making the product almost humanoid in the contexts placed. However due to the ever changing idea we only ever got two proper visualizations and upon reviewing our work we decided that they were definitely not strong enough to be entered into the student awards. done.

Here are the two images which got the closest to completion but are obviously not of a finished standard.


Broken English said...

Hi Saw your PJ's Smoothies stuff. I did the same brief...there are a few rough posters on my blog, check it out at http://iheartgum.blogspot.com/2009/03/pj-smoothies-ad-brief-d-student-awards.html

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